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10.1.2013 T-111.5501 Seminar on Media Technology starts on Tuesday the 22th of January, 2013

Mediatekniikan seminaarin aiheena keväällä 2013 on "Applied Data Analysis and Visualization". The seminar topic on spring 2013 is Applied Data Analysis and Visualization. The data are concert hall acoustics measurement, i.e. spatial impulse responses from 10 concert halls. Sign up in Weboodi!

7.12.2012 Defence of dissertation, Mikko Laakso, 18.1.2013 at 12:00

Lic.Sc. (Tech.) Mikko Laakso will defend the dissertation "Navigation and object manipulation in collaborative VR interior design" on 18 January 2013 in lecture hall AS1, Otaniementie 17, Espoo. The thesis studied using immersive virtual reality to aid in interior design.

19.12.2012 Tenure track or Tenured position open in Human-Computer Interaction at the department (DL 1.2.2013)

A successful candidate will have demonstrated ability to engage research in user interface construction and analysis, interest in novel interaction technologies with multiple media and modalities, and an open mind for multidisciplinary cooperation in various application areas, such as games, web services, and ubiquitous computing.

The applicants are expected to hold a doctoral degree in a relevant field and should show outstanding promise and/or accomplishments in both research and teaching. More information...

4.12.2012 Master Thesis Position in large-sized multi-touch surfaces in education (DL 14.12.2012)

Do you have coding experience in C# / Java or C++ - maybe HTML5 and JS, too? If you also have some basic knowledge in human-computer interaction and IP protocols, and are looking for a Master's Thesis position, this is your chance! The LUMA Resource Centre has a full-time position open (6 months), and the work can start immediately. More information...

3.12.2012 Visiting lecture on Dec 4th at 13:00: Frédo Durand - Revealing the invisible

This talk reviews efforts to reveal visual content that is invisible to the naked eye. We will briefly discuss traditional optical solutions and will then describe recent computational techniques that can extract faint visual information from digital sensors, analyze it, amplify it, and visualize it. The lecture is held at hall TU2, Otaniementie 17, 02150, Espoo. More information...

22.11.2012 Dissertation at the Department of Media Technology

Lic.Sc. (Tech.) Mikko Nuutinen will defend the dissertation "Reduced-reference methods for measuring quality attributes of natural images in imaging systems" on 7 December 2012 in lecture hall TU2, Otaniementie 17, Espoo. The dissertation presents novel methods and algorithms for predicting the subjective image quality attributes of natural images captured by cameras or printed by a printer. More information...

15.11.2012 SeCo group gets an outstanding paper award 2011/2012

Eetu Mäkelä, Eero Hyvönen, and Tuukka Ruotsalo from our SeCo group have won the Semantic Web Journal's outstanding paper award 2011/2012 for their manuscript entitled: How to deal with massively heterogeneous cultural heritage data – lessons learned in CultureSampo.

14.11.2012 Virtual Acoustics team on tour!

Half of our Virtual Acoustics research team is currently touring Europe "rockstar-style", measuring ten (yes, one is missing from the tour list) different concert halls' acoustics using their own "loudspeaker orchestra". Soon we will know why Musikverein in Vienna is the best concert hall. The team leader, Professor Tapio Lokki ,was recently interviewed regarding the purpose of the tour (in Finnish) by the Finnish broadcasting company YLE.

Loudspeaker Orchestra Measurement Tour 2012

7.11.2012 Centre of excellence in audio experience research reached the 2nd stage

The Board of the Academy of Finland has selected the research teams that will proceed to the second stage of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) call. In all 34 research teams, are asked to submit their full applications. The Department of Media Technology is responsible for one of those teams (3 professors), with a joint application with the Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics (2 professors). Also two other groups from Aalto reached the second stage.

22.10.2012 Two awards for our Semantic Computing (SeCo) group

SeCo was member in the EventMAP demonstrator team that won the Intelligent Exploration of Semantic Data (IESD) Challenge competition at the IESD Workshop in Galway, Ireland. EventMap is a project funded by the European Institute of Technology.

Also, the SeCo paper Osma Suominen and Eero Hyvönen: Improving the Quality of SKOS Vocabularies with Skosify. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW 2012), Springer-Verlag, Galway, Ireland, October, 2012, was selected as the best in-use paper at the 18th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, Galway, Ireland.

18.10.2012 Visiting lecture by Prof. Dinesh Manocha from UNC

Welcome to listen to a highly interesting guest lecture "Velocity-Space Approaches for Multi-agent Motion Planning and Crowd Simulations" on Thursday, Nov 1st at 12.15 in lecture hall T1 (Computer Science building) by Prof. Dinesh Manocha from the Department of Computer Science at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Read more...

6.9.2012 T-111.5501 Seminar on Media Technology 2012 begins 10th of September 2012

The topic of the Seminar this autumn is Linked Spatiotemporal Data. The seminar is combined of lectures and demo-sessions where students learn via examples and discussions how spatiotemporal information can be modelled, semantically described and published as Linked Data. More information in Noppa.

23.8.2012 Two doctoral student positions open in our Virtual Acoustics group (DL 7.9.2012)

We are looking for two PhD students to join our Virtual Acoustics group, which studies mainly the perception and simulation of concert halls. Read more...

24.4.2012 Visiting lecture by Professor Erica de Vries on Thu, 26 April

Professor Erica de Vries will give a lecture titled "Learning and training with visualizations: a thought experiment" on Thu 26 April 2012, at 16:00 Tietotekniikan talo, Konemiehentie 2, Hall T2. More information...

23.4.2012 Apply now for the Special Module in Game Design and Production

The module is a unique opportunity to gain insight of the structure of game projects, get familiar with a specific competence area (such as game design and animation) in game production and to gain insight on how different competence areas relate to each other and what kinds of demands different aspects of the game imply to each competence area. See the call for more information, and send your application before 28.5.2012.


12.4.2012 Defence of dissertation in the field of media technology on April 27th, 2012

M. Sc. (Tech.) Mikko Berg will defend the dissertation “Human abilities to perceive, understand, and manage multi-dimensional information with visualizations” on April 27th, 2012. The thesis discusses the issue of facilitating human understanding by developing representation forms adapted to visual system.

12.4.2012 Finland's first computer games professor

Finland will see its first computer games professorship in Aalto University. As a joint Assistant Professor for the Department of Media Technology in the School of Science and for the Department of Media in the School of Art and Design, Doctor of Science and Master of Arts, Perttu Hämäläinen started his five-year appointment on March 29, 2012.

17.2.2012: Call for Media Technology Summer Trainees 2012 (DL 11.3./29.2.2012)

We have several open positions for summer trainees for the year 2012. Application deadlines are February 29th (for two of the positions), or March 11th (for others). See the call for more details.

2.2.2012 Postdoctoral research positions in Media Technology (DL 29.2.2012)

Several (2-5) postdoctoral positions at the Aalto University's Department of Media Technology ( are open to talented individuals who hold a recent doctorate degree and have high potential for a successful scientific career. The positions are for 2 years, with a continuation option for another term. [More information...]

4.1.2012 Double Master's degree in Digital Media Technology in two years

Study Digital Media Technology (DMT) at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Master School. You will receive a double Master's degree in two years and specialization in international entrepreneurship. You can study DMT at Aalto, KTH, TU Delft, BME and UCL. Obligatory minor on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) is included. You will be offered an internship at local industry or research centre. Application period is during 1.1.-15.2.2012. [More information...]

EIT ICT Labs banner

22.12.2011 Doctoral dissertation on Friday, January 13th

M. Sc. (Tech.) Sakari Tervo will defend his dissertation "Localization and tracing of early acoustic reflections in enclosures" on January 13th, 2012 in lecture hall T2, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo. The thesis studies the localization and tracing of early acoustic reflections from room impulse response measurements.

11.11.2011 MIDE Demo Day on Tuesday, November 15th

Experience multitouch tables, smart spaces, and more future electronics at the MIDE Demo Day on November 15th from 12:00 to 15:00 (Saha building, Konemiehentie 1, Otaniemi).

7.11.2011 Doctoral dissertation on Friday, November 18th

M. Sc. (Tech.) Jukka Pätynen will defend his dissertation "A virtual symphony orchestra for studies on concert hall acoustics" on November 18th, 2011 in lecture hall T2, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo. The dissertation studies the use of a loudspeaker orchestra as a research tool in concert hall acoustics. [More information...]

Tapio Lokki24.10.2011 Tapio Lokki and Mikko Salo receive 2011 Academy of Finland Awards

Two outstanding researchers were recognised at the Academy of Finland’s Science Gala in Helsinki on Thursday 27 October 2011. The Academy of Finland Awards were presented to Academy Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor Tapio Lokki from Aalto University School of Science, and Academy Research Fellow, Adjunct Professor Mikko Salo from the University of Helsinki. Lokki was recognised for the social impact of his work and Salo for his scientific courage.

24.10.2011 IEEE WASPAA Best Student Paper for out Virtual Acoustics team

The paper "Simulation of the violin section sound based on the analysis of orchestra performance" by Jukka Pätynen, Sakari Tervo, and Tapio Lokki (Aalto SCI, Dept. of Media Technology) was selected as the Best Student Paper at the biennial IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics (WASPAA) conference at Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY, USA, 16-19 October 2011. There were 176 paper submissions, 86 of which were selected for the conference after a peer-review process. The paper by Pätynen et al. was also a Best Paper Award finalist.

29.9.2011 Doctoral dissertation on Friday 21.10.2011

M.Sc. Stina Westman defends her dissertation "Journalistic Image Access: Description, Categorization and Searching" on Friday, October 21st, 2011 at 12 noon, in the auditorium AS1 (Otaniementie 17). The opponent is Professor Corinne Jörgensen (Florida State University, USA).

7.9.2011 Our researchers appear in the IGDA Finland newsletter 09/2011

Finnish Chapter of the International Game Developers Association discusses the RUIS platform for delevoping and testing 3D user interfaces, developed here at the department. The platform is expected to be released to the public this fall.

19.8.2011 Postdoctoral research positions in media technology (DL 15.9.2011)

1–4 postdoctoral positions at the Aalto University's Department of Media Technology are open to talented individuals who hold a doctorate and have high potential for a successful scientific career. The positions are for 1 to 3 years. More information and application instructions can be found here.

4.4.2011 Visual Media Research Group receives the 2011 Charles E. Ives Journal Award

The Visual Media Research Group of the Department of Media Technology has co-received the IS&T 2011 Charles E. Ives Journal Award for “Full Reference Printed Image Quality: Measurement Framework and Statistical Evaluation,” which appeared in the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, vol. 54, #1. The paper presents results from DigiQ (2006-2009), a research project conducted in cooperation with LUT Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Research Group, HU Department of Psychology and TUT Department of Automation Science and Engineering. The Charles E. Ives Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution in the area of basic or applied science or engineering published in a Society journal during the preceding calendar year.

30.3.2011 Academic careers at the department

The department of Media Technology is looking for applicants for one Tenure Track (Professor) and 1–3 postdoctoral (researcher) positions. The research themes vary from digital imaging to mathematical modelling of room acoustics to web technologies and semantic web.

31.1.2011 Doctoral dissertation on Friday 4.2.2011

Mikko Pohja's dissertation will be organized on Friday 4.2.2011 at 12 in T-building Hall T2 (Konemiehentie 2, Espoo). The topic of the thesis is "Web Application User Interface Technologies".

7.12.2010 SmartMuseum wins @ World Summit Award Mobile 2010

The SmartMuseum system, partly developed by the SeCo group at our department, has won a World Summit Award Mobile 2010 award in the "m-Tourism and Culture" category. The application allows visitors to use their Smartphone or PDA in place of expensive audio tours on bespoken hardware. Users simply register their mobile device and receive a full-featured audio-video experience of the museum or site.

World Summit Award Mobile Content logoSmartmuseum project logo

22.11.2010 Doctoral dissertation and a talk 26.11.2010

Eetu Mäkelä defends his dissertation on View-Based User Interfaces for the Semantic Web on Friday, the 26th of november at 12 noon at the TUAS building (Otaniementie 17, Espoo), auditorium TU2.

Preceding the dissertation, the opponent, professor Lora Aroyo (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) will give a guest lecture at the same auditorium at 10:15-11:00 on Cultural Heritage on the Semantic Web.

1.11.2010 Mobile augmented reality course

Prof. Mark Billinghurst from HITLab NZ is giving a course on mobile augmented reality (T-111.5700, 1-3 cr) on the second term. The number of participants is limited to 15.

28.10.2010 Open Data / Linked Open Data is here!

Participate the seminar and get on board to the open data movement! Visiting lecturers and hands on work! Possible goal in apps4Finland 2011 -competition.
First lecture on Wednesday 3.11 in TUAS building, room 2534-2535. Course Facebook group (In Finnish).

11.10.2010 RUIS (Reality-based User Interface System)

JoypadDo you want to create fun applications that take advantage of the latest state-of-the-art game controllers, even without a background in computers or programming? Check out the new RUIS platform for next generation user interfaces, developed by our researchers Tuukka Takala and Roberto Pugliese.

18.8.2010 Cloud computing master's thesis position available in Nokia Service's early technology validation

25.5.2010 Doctoral dissertations on June 7th and 9th

Monday 7.6.2010: Tuukka Ruotsalo: "Methods and applications for ontology-based recommender systems"

Wednesday 9.6.2010: Markus Holi: "Crisp, Fuzzy, and Probabilistic Faceted Semantic Search"

Both dissertations will be held at the AS1 hall (TUAS building), at 12:00 (noon).

11.1.2010 Doctoral dissertation and a talk 23.4.2010

Tomi Kauppinen defends his dissertation "Methods for Creating and Using Geospatio-temporal Semantic Web" in the TUAS building, hall AS2 on Friday, April 23rd, at 12:00.

The opponent, prof. Werner Kuhn, will give a talk earlier on the same day on the subject "Sensors everywhere - but what are they sensing? Ontology and the sensor web" in the nearby lecture hall TU1, from 10:15 to 11:00.

11.1.2010 Doctoral dissertation and a talk

Samuel Siltanen defends his dissertation "Efficient Physics-Based Room-Acoustics Modeling and Auralization" in the Computer Science building, hall T2 on Friday, January 15th, at 12:00.

Please note, that the opponent, Prof. Peter Svensson, will give a talk on Audio research at NTNU (45 min) in the Odeion hall (TUAS building) at 15.00 on Thursday, January 14th.

3.12.2009 Doctoral dissertations at ME department

30.10.2009 Seminar course (T-111.7590, 6 cr) on Augmented reality

The seminar will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 16:15-18 in lecture hall T3 (T-building), beginning on November 3, 2009 by our visiting professor Mark Billinghurst (HIT Lab NZ, Univ. of Canterbury). The number of active participants is limited, so take a look at the course web pages for more information and course outline.

14.11.2008 "Blender meets Minority Report"

The HandsOn project is researching new methods in interacting with a 3D modeling/animation software. Blender, the open source 3D content creation suite, has been used as the test platform. BlenderNation has published a story in their 3D news section about the developments in the project so far.

16.10.2008 New site for the department

Our department finally got a website! Some things, like publications, are still at the old laboratories' pages, but they will eventually find their way here... Old pages of the Laboratory of Media Technology have been archived.