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Tenure track or tenured position in media technology



The Department of Media Technology belongs to the School of Science at the Aalto University. The Department has five professors and approximately 70 researchers and research assistants, out of whom most are doctoral students. The main topics of the research are: Digital Imaging, Virtual Reality, Interactive Technologies, User Experience, WWW, and Concept Creation. The research has wide coverage ranging from pure basic research funded by the Academy of Finland to applied research funded directly by industry. A spearhead of research is virtual acoustics that has been studied in the department for more than 15 years. The results have been impressive, and as an example of that, one ERC starting grant has been awarded to the department. The key values of the department are reliability, creativity, openness, and impact.

The Department has strong commitment to two degree programmes: Programme of Computer Science and Engineering, and Programme of Information Networks. Majors in Media Technology and WWW Technologies are offered to our students. The Department is allied to the Doctoral Program of the School of Science at the university. All the education given by the Department, especially at doctoral level, is closely linked to the research conducted within the Department.
In the 2009 Research Assessment Exercise, the international evaluation panel made the following conclusions regarding the societal impact of the Department:

"The societal impact of the unit is excellent in terms of joint projects with industry, spin-off companies, large number of patents, open-source software and invited experts in government committees. In particular the work on National Ontology infrastructure and the Finnish ontology services are notable. The department has significant applications in art and entertainment including several games, installations, and performances. The department has a large number of projects funded by Tekes, with a large number of companies."

The entire assessment report can be found in URL:

The Department is involved in broad collaboration as part of its educational and research operations. Within Aalto University, for example, strategic collaboration is made with the Department of Media at the Aalto University School of Art and Design.

In the present call, the Department seeks to enlist a highly-qualified individual with broad knowledge of digital media for the open tenure-track position. Preference will be given to candidates with research fields complementing and supporting the current areas of the Department.


Please address your application to the President of Aalto University and submit it with application materials to the Aalto University Registry no later than on 2 May 2011. The application materials will not be returned.
The application materials should include at least the following appendices:

  • a curriculum vitae (with contact details, maximum of four pages total), including a summary of merits and most important achievements
  • statement concerning the research and teaching vision for the position (maximum of three pages total)
  • a list of publications, with the 10 most important ones marked with an asterisk
  • names and contact details of references, if any.

The statutory requirement for the written form of filing an application may also be met by submitting the application electronically by e-mail to kirjaamo (at) or by fax (+358 9 470 22017) no later than on 2 May 2011. (Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector, Section 9.1. Documents submitted electronically shall be submitted in PDF format and the file names are to follow the format lastname_firstname_appendixname.pdf. (e.g. lastname_firstname_appendix1.pdf).

The applicants will be reviewed on the basis of their research, teaching, academic leadership and activity in the scientific community. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to supplement their application with materials that describe their merits in these areas in more detail. The supplemented applications will be submitted for review by, at least, four experts (the second stage of the application process). The disqualifications of experts will be determined as provided in the Sections 27–29 of the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003).
A more detailed description of the tenure track system at Aalto University is available at


For all applicants
Applicants are required to have such proficiency in English as is required for the exercise of the duties.

For foreigners and non-native Finnish citizens
Foreigners and non-native Finnish citizens may be appointed notwithstanding the provisions pertaining to teachers', researchers' and officials' requisite proficiency in Finnish and Swedish.

For native Finnish citizens
Native Finnish citizens in teaching and research positions at universities are required to have good command of the language of instruction, Finnish or Swedish, used on their courses. Those in teaching and research positions at universities which offer degrees in both Finnish and Swedish are also required to have at least satisfactory oral and written proficiency in the other official language of Finland.

The applicant is deemed to be sufficiently proficient in Finnish if he or she has demonstrated excellent oral and written proficiency in Finnish as defined in the decree on the requisite proficiency of Finnish and Swedish of State civil servants (481/2003) or

  • has demonstrated excellent command of written and oral Finnish in an examination by the Language Examination Board set by the National Board of Education or
  • has received his or her basic education in Finnish or taken a maturity test at a higher education institution;
  • has taken the Finnish matriculation examination with at least the grade of magna cum laude approbatur in the required Finnish examination
  • has taken the Finnish matriculation examination with at least the grade of eximia cum laude approbatur in its 'Finnish as a second language' examination. 'Finnish as a second language' is an examination for foreigners, substituting the Finnish examination.

The applicant is deemed capable of understanding Swedish if he or she

  • has demonstrated at least satisfactory ability to understand oral and written Swedish as provided in the decree on the requisite proficiency in Finnish and Swedish of State civil servants (481/2003);
  • has, according to a certificate issued by the language examination board of some Finnish university, or by a member thereof, adequate command of written and spoken Swedish.

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